CIVIC is now up and running.

The website features a Video Library of Leeds skateboarding videos spanning from the 1990s to the present, from the likes of Paul Silvester in Wisdom’s Pulling Teeth and Sidewalk’s In Motion; throughout the Sore Skateboards years and up to the present with Josh Hallett’s videos for Welcome Skate Store and other independent productions including Joe Allen’s PÉTANQUE, Will Smith’s Assembly and Hilda Quick’s “Drafts” series.

We also have an interactive Spot Map with details of locations for street skating around the city, footage from over the years, information for when they are/aren’t a bust plus the nearest restrooms and other local amenities.

This retrospective mixtape marks the occasion, focusing on footage and spots seen in recent Leeds-based productions peppered with a few heritage clips. Civic is an ongoing project and more videos, spots and articles will be updated over the coming months. Dive into the Video Library and share the Spot Map below.


Footage via: Ryan Gray, Josh Hallett, Joe Allen, Will Smith, Hilda Quick, Steve ‘Bingo’ Binks (RIP), Ben Powell and all Super8 by Joe Allen.

Featuring (in order of appearance): Tom Harrison, Will Sheerin, Victor Mputu (Millennium Square); Hilda Quick & Sam “Blinky” Hutchinson (Bond Court), Harry Meadley (Sovereign Square); Farran Golding (Wellington Banks), Will Smith, Reece Leung & Jake Mitchell (Playhouse), George Smith (Playhouse & Parkinson’s 10); Paul Silvester (The Whippys); Lee Snoding & Tom Brown (Curvy Bench); Tom Brown, Izzy Almond & Josh Blasutto (L-Ledge); Albie Edmonds (Royal Armouries): Harry Pye (Supa Sofa); Paul Watson & Jono Coote (Beeston Banks); Richard Amitage (Dunelm); Dave Tyson (Mandela Gardens); Adam Smith (Cookridge Street); Connie Gascoyne & Joe Allen (Henry Moore Institute); Paul Silvester & Dale Strakie (Henry Moore Institute & Leeds Art Gallery).



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