Spot Update: The Playhouse

A repaired ledge at the Leeds Playhouse accompanied by a sign reading "Ledge has been reset and cracks filled in. Don't skate until 24/11/2022. Cheers".
We fixed up the little ledge at the Playhouse 🙂

We recently did some maintenance at Playhouse as the little ledge had seen better days (see above for the before and after). The slabs have been reset and cracks filled in. Hopefully, it holds however we did the job on a chilly night and the sealent we use requires a temperature of above 5 degrees to set. We’ll be fixing up the rest of the area before winter properly kicks in.

However, now some unfortunate news…. Due to recent vandalism and graffiti at Playhouse, there are talks of Leeds Council skate-stopping the area. To make matters worse, this damage hasn’t been inflicted by the predominant skate scene but other individuals who congregate there, don’t respect the building and staff, litter, etc.

The Playhouse is one of the Leeds’ most historic spots and they have been incredibly welcoming to skateboarders since being redeveloped; allowing us to skate freely, use their facilities and even hosting Leeds’ first sanctioned skate session with Harry Meadley, LEEDS 2023 and Rolling With the Girls this past summer.

The Playhouse enjoy skateboarders using their Square and acknowledge that such damage isn’t being perpetrated by those familiar and friendly with the building. However, the decision to skate-stop Playhouse Square would be out of their hands and undertaken by Leeds Council as the grounds are under the council’s jurisdiction. Unfortunately, some of the other ledges have now been blocked off for the time being to prevent further vandalism. (Not to prevent skateboarding, the disruption to us is just an unfortunate byproduct.)

The larger ledge (and kerb behind the sign opposite) have been blocked off due to

While that decision remains unclear, the most important thing we can do to prevent it is to ensure that individuals NOT using the area as a SKATE SPOT are not causing damage, graffitiing, being disrespectful to staff, etc. Sadly, the council are probably unaware that the issues inflicted on the space aren’t being caused by skateboarders and skate-stopping the area would only worsen the issue at hand without our presence regulating the space.

Basically, keep those up to no good check and we get to keep arguably best spot we have – one that will be invaluable over the winter months.

Anyway, the little ledge should be good from Thursday.



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