Harry Meadley in ‘PÉTANQUE’

Harry Meadley, frontside wallride in Armley, Leeds for PÉTANQUE • photography by Farran Golding.

Harry Meadley is a longstanding figure in Leeds’ skate scene whose contribution to the local culture dates back to the early 2000s when his blog, “Don’t Mess With Yorkshire” kept up to date with the city’s happenings . He inspired Josh Hallett to pick up a camera; he’s close friend of Civic who helped to get this project off the ground; and he’s been doing wonderful work via his involvement in LEEDS 2023.

Harry Meadley & Joe Allen • ph: FG

We wanted to give Harry some acknowledgement for his contributions to Leeds skateboarding. After strong-arming him into accepting some credit, we’re pleased to present his part from Joe Allen’s video, PÉTANQUE which premiered just over a year ago.

Highlights include a new take on the trusty “start-a-line-with-a-noseblunt” route at Sovereign Square, a tech transfer way above sea level at Woodhouse Carpark, and tricks into/onto various banks made from unforgiving surfaces (which Harry has delivered upon further in Joe’s next video which is somewhere on the not-too-distant horizon).

Filmed and edited by Joe Allen • Music: “Winters Love” by Animal Collective • Additional appearances: Farran Golding, Albie Edmonds & Harry Towend.

Harry Meadley, frontside wallride, Armley • ph: FG

More on Harry’s work improving accessibility for street skating with women and minority genders via LEEDS 2023’s “My World My City My Neighbourhood”; read about his Don’t Mess With Yorkshire days on the Welcome Skate Store blog; and learn about the link between skateboarding and Harry’s practivce as an artist in his ‘Artists Who Skate’ interview with Chris Alton. PÉTANQUE is playing in full on the Civic Video Library.

Related: Case Study: Noseblunts at Sovereign Square, (MUSHY) by Harry Meadley



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