“One More Angel In Heaven” — Joe Allen’s Farewell to Beeston Banks

After a couple of years of uncertainty as to exactly when, Beeston Banks finally bit the dust over the holiday season.

The purple brick spot, actually quarterpipes occupying the carpark of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness building, was perhaps one of the most well-documented street transition spots in the UK. However, the prolonged, looming demise of the place ironically provided a last ditch sense of rejuvination as Beeston Banks became a more regular haunt between 2020 – 2022, despite it’s distance from the city centre and more usual meet-up spots (Millennium Square, Playhouse, Cookridge Street, etc).

Joe Allen spent a good amount of time at Beeston Banks over the past year, always answering the call to embark on what could have been the final mission to the place. Prior to that, the spot was documented fairy heavily in his previous video, PÉTANQUE. Upon the news of the Beeston Banks’ levelling, Joe collected his footage filming between 2019 – 2021 to give it a proper send off, resulting in “One More Angel In Heaven” which features George Worthington, Joe Winters, Jono Coote, Albie Edmonds, Jay Bex, Joe Allen, Harry Townend and Rowan Murray.

Rest in peace, Beeston Banks. You were skated by many, but no-one loved you more so than Jono Coote. Considering your proximity to the religious centre, perhaps you should have been called “Heaven’s Halfpipes” from the get-go, but now that just hits a little too close to home. 😢

Related: PÉTANQUE by Joe Allen and Assembly by Will Smith (for some of the last Beeston Banks footage put to film. although there will be more coming soon from both Joe and Will in their upcoming but as-yet-untitled videos).



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