CIVIC – A Leeds Skateboarding Resource

Equal parts publication, library and guidebook, CIVIC has been created to showcase Leeds skateboarding, provide a visual archive of its history and assist in bridging formal relationships with spaces and institutions to nurture an understanding of skateboarding’s local cultural value.

The full website will launch in spring 2022 and will feature an interactive spot map aiming to make street skateboarding in Leeds more accessible based on research conducted by Harry Meadley for Leeds 2023‘s ‘My World My City My Neighbourhood’.

CIVIC will also feature a comprehensive video archive of skateboarding media produced by the Leeds skateboarding community, spanning from the late 1990s and into contemporary videos by local cinematographers Josh Hallett, Joe Allen, Will Smith and more.

The name, “CIVIC” is derived from a bygone nickname for Millennium Square but also proposes the idea that skateboarders can have a greater role in discussions of public space.

Si’ thi’ at Civic.

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