‘1979’ by Joe Allen (2019)


Josh Blasutto, Tom van den Hoeven, George Worthington, Joe Allen, Joe Winters, Luke Humphreys, Alex Petz, Harry Pye, Adam Smith, James Kelley and friends.


Josh Blasutto, Tom van den Hoeven & Sam “Blinky” Hutchinson — “Dub Be Good To Me” by Beats Inernational

Josh Blasutto, Tom van den Hoeven & Sam “Blinky” Hutchinson (Track #2) — “Love In The Morning” by Sister Carol

George Worthington & Joe Allen — “Teardrops” (Extended Remix) by Womack & Womack

George Worthington & Joe Allen (Track #2) — “Neon Lights” by Kraftwerk

Friends & Joe Winters — “Lost Mi Love” by Yellowman

Luke Humphreys & Alex Petz — “Love Me Forever” Carlton & The Shoes

Friends #2 — “Till Then” by The Classics

Harry Pye (Intro) — “I Love You” by East Of Underground

Harry Pye & Adam Smith — “A Lot” by 21 Savage

Alfie Warin — “Vanille Fraise” by L’Impératrice

James Kelley — “Bombudd II” by DJ Quik

James Kelley (Track #2) — “Return Of The B-Boy” by The Pharcyde

Credits — “Running Around” by Buddy Ross

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