PÉTANQUE by Joe Allen (2021)

“Filmed between 2019 and 2021 on three VX1000s in the north of England and occasionally the south of Spain.”


Albie Edmonds, Rhamsi Alkadi, Farran Golding, Joe Allen, Harry Meadley, Josh Blasutto , Harry Townend, James Kelley, Alfie Warrin, Alex Petz, Luke Humphreys, Jay Bex, George Worthington, Joe Winters & friends.


Introduction — “Courtyard” by Bobbi Gentry

Alfie Warrin — “Daylight Matters” by Cat Le Bon

Josh Blasutto — “It’s A Party” by Busta Rhymes feat. Zhane

Rhamsy Alkadi (Intro / Track #1) — “Orinoko Flow” by Enya

Rhamsy Alkadi (Piano Interlude / Track #2) — A Rhamsy Alkadi Original

Rhamsy Alkadi (Main Song / Track #3) — “One Wish” by Ray J

Jay Bex — “We Could Send Letters” by Aztec Camera

James Kelley — “Too Late To Turn Back Now” by Alton Ellis

Luke Humpreys & Alex Petz (Track #1) — “I Dig You” by Alton Ellis

Luke Humpreys & Alex Petz (Track #2) feat. Victor Mputu — “When I Die” by Motherlode”

Oscar Parker, Friends #1 & Jake Mitchell — “Good Song” by Blur

George “Tricksy” Worthington — “Think Of Me” by Madonna

Harry Meadley — “Winters Love” by Animal Collective

Farran Golding — “The Perfect Kiss” by New Order

Interlude feat. Joe Maskill & Minnie Mearns — “Death” by Sean Nicholas Savage

Joe Allen — “Propaganda” by Sean Nicholas Savage

Joe Allen (Track #2) — “Haircut” by HOMESHAKE

Harry Townend — “Bridesmaid Blues” by Polvo

Albie Edmonds (Track #1) — “Track X” by Black Country New Road

Albie Edmonds (Track #2) & Credits — “Sunglasses” (Original Version) by Black Country New Road

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“Mates On The Big Screen” – An Interview with Joe Allen about PÉTANQUE (Vague Skate Mag, 2021)

Alfie Warrin in PÉTANQUE

Harry Townend in PÉTANQUE

Joe Allen in PÉTANQUE

Farran Golding in PÉTANQUE