WELCOME 2: HELL by Josh Hallett (2022)

Welcome Skate Store’s second full-length video by Josh Hallett featuring the shop team, staff, friends and family.


Tom Brown, Will Sheerin, Adam Smith, Zeta Rush, Jack Hackleton, Albie Edmonds, Sam “Blinky” Hutchinson, Dale Starkie


Tom Brown / Introduction “Keep Driving” by Boy Harsher

Will Sheerin (Millennium Square / Track #1 ) — “Lorelei” by Cocteau Twins

Will Sheerin (Track #2 ) —”Seventeen” by Sharon Van Etten

Adam Smith; Workers, Lurkers & Friends #1; Victor Mputu —”Trouble” by Copywrite

Zeta Rush — “The Whole of the Moon” by The Waterboys

James ‘Fos’ Foster; Workers, Lurkers & Friends #2; Paul Silvester — “Revalations” by Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band

Jack Hackleton & Jake Mitchell — “It’s A Sin” by The Pet Shop Boys

Albie Edmonds feat. Fraser Doughty — “Lost” by Boy Harsher

Workers, Lurkers & Friends #3, Harry Townend, Dean Greensmith — “National Shite Day” by Half Man Half Biscuit

Sam “Blinky” Hutchinson (Introduction / Track #1) — “My Promise” by Delroy Edwards

Sam “Blinky” Hutchinson (Track #2) — “Passion (Do You Want It Right Now)” by Gat Décor

Dale Starkie (Track #1) — “Dirty Work” by Steely Dan

Dale Starkie (Track #2 / Outro) — “The Longest Sleep” by Ssaliva

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