Leeds Skate Spots

Millennium Square


Skateboarding isn’t permitted at any of the spots featured on this page and map. However, some kind institutions (Playhouse, Henry Moore) have embraced skateboarders in some capacity and are okay with skateboarding on their premises given that very reasonable requests are complied with.

In regards to the rest, this map encompasses a mix of spots in both public space and private areas. This guide has attempted to accurately pinpoint how and when these areas are most appropriate for skateboarding – ie: when you won’t get kicked out.

Leeds city centre actually has bylaw against skateboarding in certain places yet our city is relatively bust free. (Weird, right?) An aim of Civic is to try unpick this dichotomy and bring about a more formal, “skate-friendly” notion. For now, please follow the etiquette outlined for each spot, be respectful, and DON’T LITTER at spots.

This resource also exists to try broaden the accessibility of street skating based on research undertaken by Harry Meadley for Leeds 2023’s ‘My World My City My Neighbourhood’. Most of these spots are fairly common knowledge and have been frequented for decades. To coin a phrase from Quartersnacks (who this map is so obviously based upon), they are all ‘Brand Name Spots’ which you could be directed to simply by walking into Welcome Skate Store and asking nicely.

(Spots sepereated by a ” • ” indicates that they’re adjacent or close together)

City Centre


Millennium SquareMandela Gardens

Henry Moore InstitureCookridge Street LedgesArt Gallery

Bond CourtNine Bond Court LedgeBanker’s Pad

Sovereign Square

Wellington BanksFircracker Banks

Mill Hill Chapel

Briggate Ledge

My First Handrail

Black Lemons

Duck & Drake Gap

Accommodation Blocks

Harry Lintell Hubba


The WhippysCurvy Bench

L-LedgeUni Window Ledge

Parkinson’s 10

Ziff Pad

The ‘Paul’ Wall

Top Rope LedgeWooden 3

Holbeck, Hunslet & South Leeds

Royal Armouries

Supa Sofa

Beeston Banks



Kirkstall & Burley

The KerbsKFC Kerbs

Sausage BanksLanguage PadsMarsden Ledge

Budget Lloyds



Kirkstall Forge