Art Gallery Outledge

Will Sheerin from Paul, by Josh Hallett for Welcome Skate Store (2017)

A skinny ledge from a downhill run way with a black bar to pop over into grinds, manuals, a trick off of the end or just clear the whole thing in Shez’s case…

Bust: Never (see below).

Etiquette: After 5pm, Monday to Friday; after 3pm on Saturdays, and anytime on Sundays.

Restrooms: The Light shopping centre and Trinity Leeds are a two minute walk away.

Shops: Greggs next to the Headrow entrance of The Light, Tesco at the top of the Headrow (near Welcome), hit up La Bottega Milanese down the road at Bond Court for a good coffee, Assembly Kitchen towards Millenium Square for several food spots.

Adam Smith from Assembly by Will Smith (2021)
Mike Arnold from Alfresco by Skateboard Café (Rich Smith, 2015)


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