Nine Bond Court Ledge

Ben Rowles from “JUST FILM” by Josh Hallett (2018)

A black marble up ledge behind three concrete collars on the hill leading away from/up towards Bond Court.

Bust: Rarely, although the building may have security so best skated after office hours.

Etiquette: After 5pm, Monday to Friday and varying times on weekends but late afternoon works best.

The area has frequent pedestrian footfall during business hours and there’s a coffee joint located on the spot which is always popular. The staff at the coffee place, La Bottega Milanese, are nice to skateboarders and their customers usually spill into Bond Court on warm days making it hard to skate the spot anyway. Come back when its empty if so.

Cars come and go down the road into the spot, either for a hotel also located on it or to park outside of it. Occasionally someone in an expensive car (and it always some jerk in an expensive car…) will try to park in the way of the ride-on grind gap. If so, point out they can’t park there anyway because it’s a legit no parking area.

Restrooms: Trinity shopping centre.

Shops: A Tesco and Greggs towards Trinity shopping centre.


Spots Nearby

Bond Court

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