Jake Mitchell from Assembly by Will Smith (2021)

Ledges of varying size from kerbs to just below knee height. Great for learning ledge tricks regardless of experience, loads flatground and very good for filming lines.

Bust: Never.

Etiquette: IMPORTANT – The Playhouse is an outwardly skate-friendly place. The staff are totally cool with people skateboaridng outside and the building even co-signed Leeds’ first official skate event in the city centre in 2022.

You will only be asked to leave if they have a show on in the auditorium which sits below the main area of the spot as the noise can be heard inside. Even then, they’ll probably give you a time when its cool to come back.

Please be respectful at this spot, don’t litter, don’t loiter by the main doors to the building, be nice to staff and co-operate if asked to leave for the sake of an hour.

Restrooms: If open, the Playhouse will happily let people use their facilities. Otherwise, try the Bus Station or Kirkgate Market.

Remie Bitton-Price from Assembly