Sovereign Square

Harry Meadley from PÉTANQUE by Joe Allen (2021)

A large park in the middle of town with smooth pathways running through it and a mixture of sandstone and wooden benches dotted along the routes.

There’s a wooden, banked manual pad on the perimeter of one side of the spot (althought it has seen better days).

The southern end of Sovereign Square also has a granite fountain which works a manual pad and ledge. As of late summer 2022 the southern end of Sovereign Square has been cordoned off and the fountain looks set for removal.

Bust: Never. But you’ll occasionally get eyeballed by security from the building directly in front of the main short ledge.

Etiquette: You can pretty much skate here whenever. However, it is a park so occasionally there might be people sat on a bench or two. It’s mellower on evenings.

Restrooms: Leeds train station and Trinity shopping centre are close by.

Shops: A Co-Op on the edge of the spot and North Bar for a bev.



Case Studies

“Yo, I just learned noseblunts!”

Josh Blasutto — WELCOME 2: HELL offcut (2022)

Harry Meadley — PÉTANQUE (2021)

James Kelley & Alan Callaghan — Buddy (2018)

Spots: City Centre

R.I.P. Sov Sq. Fountain

Victor Mputu from MMXX by The National Skateboard Co. (2020)
Minnie Mearns by Hilda Quick (2022)