Henry Moore Institute

Joe Allen from PÉTANQUE (2021)

Arguably the best flatground spot in the city centre accompanied by ride-on ledges with drops of varying heights.

There’s also thread-the-needle flat gap just ahead of the main ride-on, a tall ledge next to that, and the spot can be connected to Art Gallery 9 or Cookridge Street Ledges.

One of the most central spots in the city, it’s a good place to warm up and easy to navigate to everywhere else from here.

Bust: Never (see below).

Etiquette: After 5:30pm, every day of the week. Henry Moore are one of the few outwardly skate-friendly institutions in Leeds and are generally okay with people skating here outside of their business. Don’t litter, be polite to staff and don’t skate any artworks temporarily installed outside the building.

Restrooms: The Light shopping centre and Trinity Leeds are a two minute walk away.

Shops: Greggs next to the Headrow entrance of The Light, Tesco at the top of the Headrow (near Welcome), La Bottega Milanese down the road at Bond Court for a good coffee.

Connie Gascoyne from ‘Drafts: Vol. 1’ by Hilda Quick (2022)


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