KFC Kerbs

Blinky by Josh Hallett for Welcome Skate Store and Nike SB

A looong red, painted kerb with a tight corner on one end. Also has a kerb cut about a quarter of the way along which works for ride on-grinds both stances. The floor is pretty rough but you get used to it eventually.

Bust: Rarely.

Etiquette: Best skated on evenings and weekends. The spot is on a road which leads into the adjacent retail park and has occasional traffic. Keep a look out for cars.

Restrooms: Vue Cinema and Hollywood Bowl are nearby. It’s unknown whether KFC are actually bothered by people skating here but they may let you use there’s if you ask nicely.

Shops: Aldi is a stone’s throw from the spot. Poco Sicillian Street, Ryan’s Jaimaican Kitchen and other good food spots are nearby.



Spots Nearby

The Kerbs