Tom Brown from WELCOME 2: HELL by Josh Hallett (2022)

One of the oldest spots in Leeds: a tall out-ledge shaped like the letter L. The landing is about five feet of pavement straight into a bus lane so the spot always requires a person to watch the road and handle pedestrian footfall (which is usually heavy as the spot is outside a university building). Best skated early on a weekend morning or try your luck on any evening after 6pm.

Bust: Frequent.

Etiquette: Like all spots around the university, there’s never really a “good” time to skate them. Aim for evenings and weekends to avoid a heavy pedestrian prescense but security is unpredictable. You might get ten minutes or you might get a couple of hours.

Shops: Mahmoods takeaway over the road (shoutout to The Big Dripper) and a Tesco down the hill towards town (opposite Parkinson’s 10).


Izzy Almond from WELCOME 2: HELL by Josh Hallett (2022)

Spots Nearby: University

Uni Kicker-to-Ledge