The ‘Paul,’ Wall

George Worthington from Paul, by Josh Hallett for Welcome Skate Store (2017)

A gap off of a wall, over a kerb, and into a hill bomb down Springfield Mount Street. Skated frequently in Welcome Skate Store’s 2015 video, Paul, and not all that much since…

Bust: Rarely.

Etiquette: Although kind of a university spot, it’s on the edge of campus and next to student accomodation rather than academic buildings so you can usually skate here pretty hassle free.

Restrooms: The Edge Sports Centre close to the Whippys.

Brendan ‘Brenna’ Harrap from Reprobates by Sore Skateboards (Vince Orr, 2012)


Spots Nearby

The Whippys

Parkinson’s 10