Top Rope Ledge

Denis Lynn from Albion by Kevin Parrot, Ryan Gray & Dane ‘Morph’ Crook (2014)

A tall metal-edged planter with a bench to clear.

Bust: Frequent.

Etiquette: Like all spots around the university, there’s never really a “good” time to skate them. Aim for evenings and weekends to avoid a heavy pedestrian prescense but security is unpredictable. You might get ten minutes or you might get a couple of hours.

Shops: The spot is just by Leeds University Student Union and Parkinson’s 10 is around the corner which has Bakery 164 and a Tesco over the road.

Restrooms: Leeds University Student Union.


Tricks of Note

Harry Lintell, backside noseslide flip out from “Northern Grit” by Sean Lomax (2021)
George Smith, frontside noseslide from Welcome Skate Store’s “Core Store Challenge” video by Josh Hallett (2015)

Spots Nearby

The Whippys

Parkinson’s 10

Wooden 3

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