The Whippys

Paul Silvester from In Motion by Sidewalk Magazine (Ben Powell & Neil Chester, 2003)

Several sets of whippy quarterpipe/flatbank hybrids tucked away below the Roger Stevens building at the bottom of Willow Terrace Road (end of the street for The Edge Sports Centre) . The banks have been skate-stopped but there’s still room between to stall or grind them. Part of the spot is also sheltered and has a slappy kerb so it’s sometimes worth a look on a rainy day.

Bust: Frequent.

Etiquette: Like all spots around the university, there’s never really a “good” time to skate them. Aim for evenings and weekends to avoid a heavy but security is unpredictable. You might get ten minutes or you might get a couple of hours.

Shops: Tesco on the hill down to Millennium Square.

Restrooms: The sports centre close to the spot will usually let you use their facilities.

Oskar Rosenberg from I like it here inside my mind, don’t wake me this time. (Polar, 2016)


Area: University