Wellington Banks

Farran Golding from PÉTANQUE by Joe Allen (2021)

Several steep banks along – and just off of – Wellington Street. They take a bit of figuring out but are fun if you’re into wallrides.

A notorious board chipper, it is not advisable to skate here on a new deck. More often than not, this spot is also covered in an unholy amount bird shit but is somewhat “cleaner” if you go the day after its been raining…

Bust: Never (see below).

Etiquette: Best after 6pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends. The run-up for the spot is the sidewalk of Wellington Street which gets pretty populated with pedestrains during work hours and as people communte home afterwards.

Shops: Co-op and Greggs about a hundred metres towards the city centre from the spot, on the same side of the road.


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